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Red Line Performance Bar V3

Standard Bar

  • QR Activation pressure under 5kg with 250kg Load
  • International Safety standard compliant –Afnor Nf S52– 503
  • Left or right handed single front line leashing
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Riding Style

Surf 5
Freeride 2
New to the sport 2
Newschool 5
Light wind 4

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Every molded part of the RP-Bar v3 has been re-engineered to help you push your riding further than ever before. The Pro-Cuff+ quick release surpasses current international testing standards and delivers simple, one handed safety activation. Even with flying line loads of 250kg the release pressure for the Pro- Cuff+ quick release never exceeds 5kg. The innovative Sacrifice Insert System helps eliminate center line wear. Two low friction, replaceable, Delrin inserts line the center of the bar, helping to ensure you never have to replace another depower line. The Double-Depower Stopper lets you position your bar wherever you feel comfortable. It takes the strain from your arms so you can stay on the water for longer. The Redline Safety System gives you the option of left or right handed, single front line leashing and overrides the Dual Depower Stopper automatically. We’ve kept the Big Ass Bar Ends for your safety and comfort and reformulated the EVA for more grip and less slip. With sleeved leader lines and low stretch, 700lb rated flying lines the RP-Bar v3 package is already the most loved 4-line bar we make.

Franz Schitzhofer

Shaper’s Vision

Built to take anything that sliders and kickers can throw at it. The Profanity loves to be ridden hard, powered and low.

Franz Schitzhofer

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Pro Cut Off

Pro Cut Off

A short bridle gives you precise, direct handling with plenty of feedback. A single, self-adjusting front bridle tow point helps provide the stability, low end power and upwind ability that you need to perform.

Sacrifice Insert System

Sacrifice Insert System

Double Core Rip-stop has twice as many reinforcing fibers woven into the warp and weft as standard Ripstop fabrics - giving you twice the performance with no weight penalty. A BEST Exclusive.

Redline Safety

Redline Safety

There are no shortcuts to creating lasting durability; we use the highest quality materials and most advanced construction techniques to build kites that are truly Surf Tough and the match of conditions anywhere in the world.

Double Depower Stopper

Double Depower Stopper

Rock solid stability and exceptional downwind drift come as standard with the mid aspect ratio, tri-strut design. Highly responsive steering and wingtip pivot turning allow you put yourself in the best position on every wave.


  1. RP-Bar Depower Line Replacement Kit (V3)
  2. RP-Bar V3 Complete Chicken Loop Kit
  3. RP-Bar V2 Chicken Loop Inner Hinge
  4. RP-Bar V3 Chicken Loop Replacement Small
  5. RP-Bar V3 Chicken Loop Replacement Large
  6. RP-Bar Stopper Ball V2
  7. RP/GP Bar Depower Strap (V1, V2, V3, G1, G2)
  8. RP-Bar V2 Leader Lines
  9. RP-Bar V2 Insert Replacement Kit
  10. RP-Bar V3 Handlepass Leash


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