<h1>Main Headline</h1>

<h2> Sub Headline</h2>

This page serves as demonstration for a generic, text-based page on the website. Most of the pages linked to from the footer will share this basic layout. It also showcases the HTML building blocks that can be used to construct such a page.

<p><span class="pullquote">span elements with a "pullquote" class are being cloned and moved over to the right</span> The rest is just a normal paragraph.</p> As usual, strong emphasis should be added with the <strong> element.

  • A standard unordered list
  • Another unordered list element, just for illustration
  1. This is an ordered list
  2. Another ordered list element, demonstrating the counter
<strong class="callout">This is the markup to make important bits stand out from the rest.</strong> Standard
This is a blockquote. It is indented to highlight the fact that the source of this text is in some other place. Quotation marks are added automatically before and after the quote, so please take care not to enter them twice.

Hyperlinks render blue and can optionally be wrapped within a <strong> tag.

If, by any chance, programming code needs to be posted, it should be done via the <code> tag.